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Introduction to the Laboratory of Nutrient Management

Research facilities:

The Laboratory of Nutrient Management at Root Biology Center is well equipped with the following facilities: Continuous flow analyzer, Microwave digestion oven system, near-infrared reflectance analyzer, laboratory water purification system, UV-17OO spectrometer, flame photometer, constant temperature shaker, lipid analyzer, Kjeltec nitrogen auto-analyzer, constant temperature ovens, etc. 

Main research objectives:

To elucidate the mechanisms of crop nutrient efficiency and develop the new technologies for integrated nutrient management to the intensive cropping systems in acid soils of South China.

Major research focus:

Evaluate the pattern of nutrient demands in legume crops, especially in soybean, on acidic red soils;

Elucidate the pattern of nutrient supply and cycling in acidic red soils, and develop the effectively integrated management among soils and crops;

Study the best nutrient management for the efficient cultivation systems, especially legume-cereal intercropping systems on acidic red soils.

Standard methods for rapid nutrient analysis in plant, soil and fertilizers.