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Introduction to the Laboratory of Genetic Transformation

Research facilities:

Laboratory of Genetic Transformation includes three rooms. Room 809 is a preparation room. Room 810 is a tissue culture room, and room 811 is a plant growth room, which includes a soybean sterilized culture room and a composite plant growth room

Main research objectives: Genetic transformation and functional analysis of the important genes in roots as related to nutrient efficiency in soybean. Development of transgenic plants for genetic improvement of soybean with improved nutrient efficiency.

Main research objectives:

  1. Establishment of efficient regeneration and genetic transformation systems for genetic improvement of soybean.
  2. The temporal and spatial expression analysis of the important genes in roots related to nutrient efficiency.
  3. Functional analysis of the important genes related to root traits to reveal molecular mechanism of nutrient efficiency.
  4. Development and characterization of transgenic soybean materials with improved nutrient efficiency.