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Introduction to the Laboratory of Proteomics

Research facilities:

Gel filtration column, ion exchange column, affinity column, IEF electrophoresis, Bio-RAD mini protein3, Bio-RAD mini trans-blot, Ettan IPGphor 3 IEF system, Electroporation, Artificial climate incubator etc. The facilities are sufficient to purify and analyze nutrient deficiency responsive proteins, protein interactions, subcellular localization etc.

Main research objectives:

To investigate molecular mechanism(s) of major legume crops adaptation to acid soils at protein level.

Major research focus:

To establish systems for protein purification, subcellular localization and protein interactions.
Effects of low-P stress on  acid phosphatase (APase)    activity and isoforms in major legume crops (i.e. common bean, soybean and stylo
Purification, characterization and functional analysis of APase isoforms in common bean
Effects of different extraction methods on proteomics of soybean and stylo
Identification of nutrient stress (i.e. low-P, aluminum  and manganese toxicity stresses ) responsive proteins using proteomic method in soybean